Pro-lifers face ban in Canada’s capital

Pro-lifers offering counselling services to women entering abortion clinics could soon be banned in the Canadian province of Ontario.

Ontario Attorney General Yasit Naqvi agreed to Mayor of Ottawa Jim Watson’s request for a ban to be put into place.

Naqvi has now proposed legislation to restrict access outside abortion clinics, a move heavily criticised by the Campaign Life Coalition (CLC).

Free speech

Direct attack on freedom of speech and expression.

Mary Ellen Douglas, President of Ontario Campaign Life Coalition


National President of the CLC, Jim Hughes, said the lawmakers’ proposals were an attempt “to remove the right of free speech from those they disagree with”.

“Because we live in a province that has not provided informed consent, the people who stand outside abortion facilities, praying or handing out information, are not harassing or threatening”, he added.

Hughes went on to say: “They are providing information about fetal development and offering alternatives to abortion.”

‘Wrong and unnecessary’

Mary Ellen Douglas, Ontario President for CLC, slammed the plans as “wrong and unnecessary”.

She said it was a “direct attack on freedom of speech and expression” and called on the province not to “give in to the demands of the abortion lobby”.

Naqvi says the proposals will be brought before the Government of Ontario in the coming months.

Life from conception

Last month, thousands of pro-life activists marched on Parliament Hill in Ottawa to show their support for the lives of the unborn.

The 20th annual National March for Life was led by Campaign Life Coalition, and was supported by a number of pro-life MPs.

Arnold Viersen, an Alberta MP said: “Human beings have human rights.”

He stressed that life begins at conception, adding that this meant Canadians “must defend the human rights of all human beings”.


On the same day as the march, Mayor Watson caused controversy after he ordered a pro-life flag to be removed.

Watson had initially stated that the event allowed “thousands of people from across Canada and the United States” to “come to Parliament Hill” to “bring awareness for the need for life-affirming solutions”.

However, after a backlash from pro-abortion activists he quickly asked for the flag to be taken down.

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