‘Pro-lifer helped save our son’s life’

A married couple have shared how the presence of a pro-life supporter outside an abortion facility helped them to choose life for their son.

Kirk Barker spoke out about the experience in a blog post for a US website.

He said they decided to share their story “to thank” the pro-lifer.

Chose life

Barker explained that his wife was advised by a doctor to abort her unborn child.

However, on the day the abortion was due to take place, they encountered a pro-life supporter outside the clinic who prayed for them and asked them to reconsider.

Barker’s wife subsequently decided she could not go through with the abortion and they walked out of the clinic.

‘Great work’

She went on to give birth to their son, who is now 15 years old.

In a tribute to the person they met and others who stand outside abortion centres to offer an alternative to abortion, Barker said: “It was your prayers that helped save our son.

“Words can never express our gratitude for what you have done. Let the words of this message be a constant reminder of the great work that you do, to be a reminder that you made a difference.”

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