Pro-life Texas candidate opens up about past abortions

A Texas Congressional candidate has opened up about her own abortions and encouraged others to find redemption in Jesus Christ.

The business owner and Republican candidate, Lisa Luby Ryan, is a pro-life mother who has shared about her guilt after aborting three of her children.

She is running against Democrat John Turner, who has the endorsement of abortion giant Planned Parenthood.

‘Guilt and shame’

Ryan’s mother took her to get her first abortion after she became pregnant in high school. Her second was in her early 20s, after abandoning her first husband and two sons.

She had her third abortion in secret while dating the man who would become her current husband.

Publicly reflecting on this phase of her life, Ryan recalled: “After I left the boys and their father for the other man, I got pregnant, and I couldn’t have that child because of all the guilt and shame I already carried”.

“I was a wreck. I was not healthy emotionally.”


After being invited to attend church, she came to faith in Christ, repented and confessed to her abortions.

“I walked out of there that day a different person”, Ryan said. “I looked different. I walked lighter. The grass was greener. God forgave me.”

“Once he forgave me, that’s all that mattered. Then I could forgive myself.”

‘Always vote life’

Ryan, who has been endorsed by the pro-life Family Research Council Action and Texas Right to Life Committee, hopes that her story will be able to assist other girls facing unwanted pregnancies.

The organisations have backed her campaign saying: “Voters in North Dallas can be confident that her pro-life stance will remain steadfast”.

The campaigner added, “I talk to young girls all the time about the side the world doesn’t tell you. It’s not a good side. And there’s a lot of guilt and shame.”

“If and when it comes down to the floor, I will always vote for life”.

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