Pro-life teenager punched outside abortion clinic

A pro-life teenager has been attacked in a “horrific” incident outside of a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic.

A video released by Students for Life of America shows 15-year-old Purity Thomas being hit in the face by a pro-abortion activist.

Thomas had been standing next to a fellow protestor holding a sign which read: “All people are made in the image of God.”


Police were called to the scene of the incident, in Virginia, USA, but the assailant was not arrested.

Despite being punched and sustaining concussion, Thomas said she “absolutely” forgives her assailant and has “no hard feelings towards her”.

“Being punched was nothing compared to what those babies are feeling when they are aborted.”

“And honestly, I would take a million punches if it saved one child.”


Thomas said the incident will not cause her to stop pro-life work and she will “most definitely” continue to take a stand outside the clinic again.

I would take a million punches if it saved one child.

Purity Thomas

Kristan Hawkins, president of Students for Life of America, said the incident was “an act of violence” that “serves as a sad reflection on the state of debate today.”

“It’s horrific that a minor expressing love for pregnant women was targeted for violence.”

“But this is not an isolated incident. Across the country we are witnessing a rise in the number of incidents of vandalism and violence against peaceful pro-life speech.”

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