Pro-life students not put off by violent activists

Activists have been slammed for assaulting pro-life students and branding them ‘Nazis’ at a university event in the US state of Virginia.

‘Lies Pro-Choicers Believe’, hosted by the Students for Life group at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), was hijacked by pro-abortion and trans activists shouting obscene language at the speakers, which then escalated into violence.

Despite the opposition, Students for Life of America’s President Kristan Hawkins said the incident “emphasises that we have to continue to forge ahead” for “the future of our country”.


When Hawkins and her co-speaker Isabel Brown were informed about the protesters, they welcomed the chance to answer their questions and only allowed themselves to be escorted to a safe room when the fighting began.

They were then able to have a discussion about abortion with around 15 students who had left the event with them.

Hawkins reflected that after a year of pushback from the university and additional threats, it was frustrating that the event was “silenced” because activists “knew that they could create chaos and a threatening situation for them to win”.

‘Free to disagree’

The university condemned the violence by activists, two of whom were charged by the police with assault and disorderly conduct, noting they were not part of the university.

It stated: “We must extend dignity and respect to others, including those with whom we disagree. VCU must remain committed to free speech and civil discourse, values that strengthen our academic mission and our dedication to the success and well-being of our students, patients, faculty, staff and community.”

Students for Life has requested that its speakers be allowed to return to the university to give their speeches and is reportedly awaiting a reply.


In Scotland last month, Stirling University’s Roman Catholic society was suspended for encouraging students to join a prayer gathering for the unborn outside a Glasgow hospital.

In a Facebook post, the society advertised transport for those attending a vigil near Queen Elizabeth University Hospital. The assembly is part of a worldwide pro-life campaign held over Lent.

But the university’s Students’ Union blocked the society pending an investigation into complaints made against it for promoting “peaceful prayer” for “the most vulnerable in our society – the unborn – and to show an alternative to abortion”.

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