Pro-life MSP branded ‘dangerous’ for trying to protect unborn children

An SNP MSP has come under attack from pro-abortion politicians for tabling a motion to give more rights to unborn children.

John Mason has urged the Scottish Government to reduce the abortion limit from 24 weeks to reflect recent medical advances.

While it was once thought impossible for babies born before 24 weeks to survive, extremely premature babies are increasingly surviving with medical care.

Life from conception

Mr Mason’s motion states: “A baby’s life does not begin at birth but its life before birth is hugely important, and it is now not unusual for a baby to survive if born under 24 weeks.”

“From the point of conception, two lives are involved and both the woman and the baby have the fundamental right to bodily autonomy, health and proper medical care”.

His motion was attacked by Scottish Labour Health Spokeswoman Monica Lennon, who said: “This is not a party political issue, it’s a woman’s rights issue and, therefore, a human rights issue.

“The Scottish Parliament should be progressive and John Mason’s proposal to reduce access to abortion is regressive.”


Leah Franchetti, a Labour candidate in Mason’s constituency, branded the motion “disgusting”.

She accused Mason of wanting to criminalise women, saying: “He is dangerous and Nicola Sturgeon should condemn this.”

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