Pro-life marches take place around the world

Pro-life advocates are showing support for the unborn in rallies around the world.

Huge marches against abortion took place in Costa Rica, the Netherlands and New Zealand this month.

According to reports, hundreds of thousands of people attended the march in Costa Rica, waving pro-life slogans.

‘Always sacred’

Speaking to those gathered, Roman Catholic Bishop Ángel San Casimiro Fernández said: “Defense of unborn life is intimately linked to the defense of any human right”.

“It supposes the conviction that a human being is always sacred and inviolable, in any situation and in every stage of his development.”

The country’s Government has been under increasing pressure to liberalise its law, which currently allows for abortion to take place if the mother’s life or health is in danger.

The march also promoted traditional marriage, parental freedoms and religious liberty.

March for life

In the Netherlands, tens of thousands of people took part in the country’s 25th March for Life.

Marchers held signs which said “We love them both” and “We are the pro-life generation.”

One of the signs also had a picture of a girl with Down’s syndrome that included the slogan: “Am I still welcome?”

Abortion is allowed on demand in the Netherlands up to approximately 24 weeks. However, it is possible to have an abortion after the 24th week if it is believed that the baby has a severe disability.

‘Place of healing’

At a pro-life march in Wellington, New Zealand, pro-life activist Hilary Kieft spoke of her regret at having an abortion as a teenager.

“I was young. I was scared. And I was selfish. It took me over 20 years to overcome and come to a place of healing.”

Abortion is allowed in New Zealand up to 20 weeks, or after if the physical or mental health of the mother is at risk.

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