Pro-abortion writer: ‘Foetus pic looks too much like real baby’

A pro-abortion journalist and blogger has attacked an American news magazine for displaying a foetus on its front cover.

Sady Doyle responded with the strange claim that the image looks “more like a baby” than an “actual pregnancy”.

Writing for fashion magazine Elle, she said: “Everything is about the fetus, which is humanized, and the actual pregnant person is erased”.


After seeing the image, Doyle claimed that it “sums up what’s wrong with how we talk about abortion”.

The front cover picture – which depicts a baby at around 12 weeks development – advertised a feature in the magazine titled: “America’s Abortion Wars”.

Doyle continued: “It leaves out any person who wants to control their own body, but can’t, because of abortion restrictions.”

In 2014 Cecile Richards, president of the USA’s largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood, claimed that life begins at delivery.

Moral sense

Responding to Cecile Richards’ comments, Christian leader Albert Mohler said if life begins when a baby is born, until then there is “no life, no dignity, no sanctity at all”.

He argued that her view “defies any moral sense” and “also defies modern biology”.

Mohler, who is President of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, added: “Candid admissions of a worldview like this one are rare, but Cecile Richards’ statement perfectly explains her advocacy of abortion at any time for any reason”.

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