Pro-abortion woman reverses stance after her pregnancy is saved

A new mother who was helped to save her own baby after taking an abortion pill has reversed her pro-abortion stance.

After becoming pregnant, Rita and her fiancé decided to have an abortion at eight weeks. But on their way home from the clinic, where she had taken the first of two abortion pills, she began bleeding severely.

She was rushed to hospital where she was monitored for three days. During that time, she discovered her baby was still alive and still had a heartbeat.


Rita regretted taking the abortion pill and was desperate to save the baby. She discovered it was still possible to do so using a treatment to reverse its effects.

Her baby is now 15 months old and she says her child is now “the sweetest, happiest and most beautiful little boy I have ever laid my eyes on! God was truly with me, and now I see why, my son’s my biggest blessing.”

She had never believed an unborn child was a human life, but Rita has now completely rejected her pro-abortion beliefs.

“I should have never been able to take my son’s life. And seeing him here today is such a blessing! He’s a radiant soul with a happy, laughing, and smiley energy that radiates a room! He, like all other babies, deserves life!”


Abortion Pill Rescue, a group of more than 800 medical providers across the US, has helped save the lives of more than 1,000 babies since it launched over a decade ago.

Christa Brown, Director of Medical Impact for Heartbeat International, which runs the group, said that many women regret their abortions immediately.

“Many women contact the APR hotline as soon as they get to their cars in the abortion clinic parking lot. Or, like Rita, regret already begins on their way home from the clinic.

“The realization sets in that they are ending the life of a child and they want to know if they have options.”

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