Pro-abortion group blasts Govt grant to pro-lifers who help vulnerable women

A Government grant to a pro-life charity has sparked a backlash from one of the UK’s major abortion providers.

Mark Bhagwandin, Life’s Senior Education and Media Officer

Life has been awarded £250,000 to help fund a project in London which gives housing to vulnerable pregnant women.

But BPAS, which receives more than £25 million of public money, has launched a campaign against the move and is speaking out against the grant on social media.

Emotional support

Life is one of 70 groups which has been awarded a share of £12 million designated to support organisations that work with disadvantaged women and girls.

The group will use the money to provide “housing, practical help, counselling, emotional support and life skills training for young pregnant women who are homeless”.

Margaret Coward, from the charity, expressed thanks to the Government for the award as she outlined its work over the past year.


She said the charity had housed 187 women and worked with over 2,500 vulnerable women.

“Since this charity started we have reached out and supported thousands of women at a difficult time in their life.”

Coward added: “At Life we see women who are in genuine crisis because of pressures to end their pregnancy coming from partners, parents, employers, and society.”


“We are grateful to the Government for the money awarded to Life. It is a positive gesture which will go a long way towards helping the thousands of women who are in crisis and need our support.”

BPAS, which believes abortion should be allowed up to birth, had a bid to fund work furthering abortion rejected by the Government and the group’s leader reacted angrily on Twitter about the money given to Life.

Ann Furedi claimed the decision was a “slap in the face” to people who support abortion.

‘Urgent clarification’

Her organisation is urging people to call on Government minister Rob Wilson to “review and provide urgent clarification” on the decision.

The Government has so far stood by the move.

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