Prison Officer guidance: ‘TERFs driving anti-trans hate in UK’

Women who believe in the reality of biological sex are stirring up hatred against trans people, prison officers have been told.

The misleading information has now come to light after featuring in the toolkit – ‘Understanding & working with Trans, Intersex and Non-Binary individuals’ – published on the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) intranet in March.

Former Leader of the House of Commons, Jacob Rees-Mogg MP, countered that “ministers must stop such political messages emanating from civil servants”.

Ideological capture

According to The Daily Telegraph, the gender identity toolkit accuses “TERFs” and “gender critical feminists” of being “the driving force of anti-trans hate in the UK”.

‘Terf’ or Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist is a term of abuse used by trans activists of women who uphold the reality of biological sex.

In the guidance, one former male prisoner who claims to be a woman suggested the violent assault that led to his conviction was caused by “frustration and anger” at his family’s rejection of his ‘trans identity’.

A source close to Justice Secretary Alex Chalk reportedly said the Minister has ordered an urgent review of the guidance.

‘Woke nonsense’

Iain Duncan Smith MP said: “This toolkit seems to be about going easy on a prisoner who uses the trans issue to blame others for their criminality.”

“There is no excuse for violent crime resulting in 17 years in prison.”

“This is another bit of nonsense woke advice that helps criminal perpetrators shirk their legal responsibilities in favour of their assumed rights.”


Home Secretary Suella Braverman recently told Chief Constables across England and Wales that police officers should not be straying into politically-contested areas such as transgender ideology.

In a recent letter, Mrs Braverman emphasised that “officers should not be wearing or waving badges or flags that undermine their oath of impartiality or which may lead members of the public to question their impartiality.

“I would also like to remind forces that holding lawful opinions, even if those opinions may offend others, is not a criminal offence”.

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