Poll: Marriage downgrade in society concerns public

Almost two thirds of people are concerned about the decline in the importance of marriage in society, according to a new survey.

A YouGov poll showed that 60 per cent of those questioned agreed it is a “bad thing” that marriage has become less important.

The Centre for Social Justice think-tank commissioned the poll of more than 1700 British adults last month.


Just 19 per cent of those surveyed said they thought it is a “good thing” that marriage has become less important.

And 52 per cent strongly agreed with the statement: “If we want to have any hope of mending our broken society, family and parenting is where we’ve got to start”.

Last week, the former families minister Tim Loughton MP said the Autumn Statement is the Chancellor George Osborne’s last opportunity to deliver on the Conservative pledge to introduce a marriage tax break.


He said it would send out a good message about the importance of marriage in society.

David Burrowes MP said the tax break would be a chance for the Government to show that they value marriage, and that it has manifold benefits for society.