Police sent on transgender awareness course

Police officers will attend a course teaching them to ask transgendered people whether they would like to be known as a man or a woman.

Officers will also be taught to apologise straight away if they do not refer to the transgendered person’s preferred sex.

The course has been introduced by Sussex Police, and will also include a transgender member of the force speaking to staff.

Diversity agenda

In 2009 there was concern that Scottish police could miss out on promotion if they failed to meet ‘gay and trannsexual rights’ standards.

The concern followed the launch of the Association of Chief Police Officers in Scotland’s ‘equality and diversity’ strategy.

Laura Midgeley of the Campaign Against Political Correctness warned: “What seems ominous is that officers could be judged on how well they have taken the diversity agenda on board.

“Their promotion could depend on it. It seems just a shade Orwellian.”

Birth ‘label

Also in 2009 Scottish police were told, in a 140-page diversity guide, to let male transsexuals use ladies’ toilets.

The handbook said: “A transgender person is not breaking the law by using the opposite gender toilet facilities from the gender they were labelled at birth”.

In 2010 a transsexual man won the right to be treated as a man in the marriage system and a woman in the pension system.

Christopher Timbrell, who changed his name to Christine, won his case against the Department for Work and Pensions.


Three Appeal Court judges ruled he was being discriminated against by not receiving a woman’s pension, and he was awarded backdated funds.

Mr Timbrell wanted to remain married to his wife Joy, and they said they did not want to divorce.

Two women cannot be legally married in the UK but the Court decided that Mr Timbrell should be allowed to remain married to his wife, and claim a woman’s pension.

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