Police: Longer pub hours cause surge in violence

Norwich Police have released CCTV footage of revellers punching and kicking each other at 7am on a Sunday morning, to highlight the problems caused by early-morning drinking.

The constabulary showed the video to the local council, calling for them to ban alcohol sales in the early hours following a surge in violent behaviour.

The force said there has been a 210 per cent increase in violent crime in Norwich between 3am and 6am, since the Government allowed pubs and clubs to open for longer in 2005.


Police hours have increased by 12,000 per year to deal with the problem.

Detective Superintendent Paul Standford of Norfolk Police said later opening hours for pubs and clubs have “undoubtedly” increased reported crime and disorder.

Paul Kendrick, a Norwich City Council councillor, said the CCTV footage was “horrific”.

He added: “I knew this was a serious problem, but there’s nothing like seeing it to actually realise the gravity of it.”


The council is considering banning the sale of alcohol between 3am and 6am on weekdays, and from 3.45am to 6am at the weekend in three areas of the city centre.

Back in 2008, the Police Federation of England and Wales warned that by extending licensing hours, resources were being diverted away from emergency calls in order to deal with late-night disorder.

Simon Reed, the former vice chairman of the federation, told MPs that many market towns are really like the “Wild West”.

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