PM’s gay marriage plans causing unnecessary splits, analyst says

David Cameron is creating “unnecessary divisions” by pushing forward with redefining marriage, a prominent policy analyst has said.

Jill Kirby said that the issue has not built support, but instead has set up “antagonism between family campaigners and gay people, alienating many Tory voters and party workers, and setting churches and faith groups at odds with the Conservative party.”

Mrs Kirby, former director of the Centre for Policy Studies, also criticised the Tory party’s lack of commitment to promoting stable families.


She said: “the government has failed to introduce any policies to help keep families together, or to support that most important factor in determining family stability, the decision to marry.”

Mrs Kirby made the comments in a piece for the ConservativeHome Daily newspaper which was handed out at the Tory party conference.

She said the Prime Minister was previously pro-marriage but that “We have come a long way since David Cameron put marriage at the top of his personal policy agenda.”

Building block

She added: “Conservatives in government have simply failed to identify and promote this building block of the strong society.”

According to its website, ConservativeHome champions the interests of grassroots Tory members, but is not affiliated to the party.

A recent poll found that over 70 per cent of Conservative Party Constituency Chairmen think the proposals to redefine marriage should be scrapped.