PM resisting pressure to enforce abortion on NI

Theresa May is facing pressure to impose abortion on Northern Ireland, but says the issue is a matter for Belfast, not Westminster.

Some MPs, as well as abortion giant BPAS, are calling on the Prime Minister to enforce a change following the Republic of Ireland’s decision to remove protections for the unborn.

However, Mrs May’s spokesman, DUP leader Arlene Foster and seven pro-life organisations say the decision should be left to Northern Ireland.

Devolved decision

After Saturday’s result in the Republic, attention swiftly moved to Northern Ireland and its abortion law – which protects the unborn.

…we support legislation which upholds the value and worth of both mothers and unborn children

Pro-life groups

Despite Theresa May tweeting her congratulations at the weekend, her spokesman yesterday said it is “important to recognise that the people of Northern Ireland are entitled to their own process, which is run by locally elected politicians”.

“Our focus is restoring a democratically accountable devolved government in Northern Ireland so that locally accountable politicians can make decisions on behalf of the public they represent.”


As recently as 2016 MLAs in Stormont backed the existing protections, a decision welcomed by The Christian Institute as challenging “those who wish to sell abortion as a positive choice whilst devaluing the lives of the most vulnerable in our society”.

Labour MP Stella Creasy is leading the campaign to impose abortion – claiming it would benefit people’s human rights – alongside abortion giant BPAS and Alliance for Choice.

But Arlene Foster said abortion in the Province is “for the Northern Ireland Assembly to debate and decide”. “The DUP is a pro-life party and we will continue to articulate our position”, she added.

Ian Paisley MP argued that Northern Ireland “should not be bullied into accepting abortion on demand”.

100,000 lives

Seven pro-life organisations have written to Theresa May and all MPs urging them not to impose abortion.

Both Lives Matter, Life Northern Ireland, the Christian Medical Fellowship and others said: “Like many in Northern Ireland, we support legislation which upholds the value and worth of both mothers and unborn children.”

Research by Both Lives Matter has shown that an estimated 100,000 people are alive today because of Northern Ireland’s stance.

The figure is around five per cent of the total population of the Province.

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