PM praises gay marriage in major family speech

David Cameron has said he believes in the “right of marriage for all people”, as he gave a major speech on the family.

Speaking on Monday the Prime Minister said he wanted to send a “clear message” that Britain supports commitment.

He claimed this was “just as vital whether the commitment is between a man and a woman, a man and a man or a woman and another woman”.

Huge change

David Cameron backed the introduction of same-sex marriage, which came into force in March, despite widespread opposition.

In June he praised the redefinition as a “huge, historic change”.

Now, in a speech where he said that for him “nothing matters more than family”, he has again emphasised his support for the change.


“As I’ve said”, he commented, “when people’s love is divided by law, it is the law that needs to change.

“So we’ve changed it.”

He also backed same-sex adoption, saying that “gay couples with so much love to give” should not see “prejudice stand in the way of progress”.


The Prime Minister also said a “family test” is being developed so that all domestic policies will be “examined for its impact on the family”.

Criticising the Prime Minister’s comments on marriage, commentator Laura Perrins said his remarks about gay marriage were made to “balance him out in the eyes of the hip and modern”.

Perrins imagined him thinking: “‘We do support marriage (the swivel-eyed loons have made us do this) but it is gay marriage that we really like. You see, I am still modern!'”

Rest of the world

In June David Cameron recorded a video message to coincide with Pride – an annual homosexual event taking place in London.

He commented: “Since I recorded last year’s message there has been one huge, historic change in Britain: the institution of marriage is now open to all.”

The Prime Minister also said the Foreign Office was pushing for pro-gay changes in other countries, and that Britain should “encourage the rest of our world to take our lead”.

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