PM loses another councillor over same-sex marriage

A “pro-gay” local councillor has quit the Conservatives because she believes marriage is between a man and a woman.

Holly Holman resigned her Tory party membership and stepped down from the Vale of White Horse District Council in Oxfordshire.

She said the Prime Minister’s argument for redefining marriage is flawed.


In a letter to David Cameron, she wrote: “I am actually pro-gay, believing that same-sex couples should be able to live together in a committed relationship.

“They should not be at any financial disadvantage and where they still are, laws should be changed to correct this.

“I do however believe that marriage is between a man and a woman.”


Earlier this week a survey by ITV News showed that three quarters of local Conservative associations have lost members, and over half of them say it is because of gay marriage.

In February a Conservative councillor in Henley left the Party because of its push to redefine marriage, saying there is no mandate for the move.

And earlier in the same month it emerged that local councillors in Northumberland and Warwickshire also left the Conservatives over the issue.


Last year a Conservative MP told BBC Newsnight that redefining marriage is “very divisive” and “ill thought-out”.

Anne McIntosh, the MP for Thirsk and Malton, also warned about the “law of unintended consequences” if marriage is redefined but noted that she supports civil partnerships.

In May this year David Cameron admitted that the issue “certainly divides the Conservative Party”.

Not over

At the same time the Prime Minister admitted he will stop focusing on policies such as same-sex marriage and concentrate on “big picture” issues.

Earlier this week the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill passed its first hurdle in the House of Lords, but opponents vowed “it’s not over yet”.