PM: Gay marriage is not enough, we need LGBT issues in sex ed

School children should learn about LGBT issues in sex education classes, Theresa May has said, as she declared there is “much more to do” after introducing same-sex marriage.

The Prime Minister also reiterated plans to make it easier for people to ‘change sex’ at an LGBT awards dinner last night.

And she challenged countries that did not share the same views on LGBT issues.

‘Pressing ahead’

Last week, critics said compulsory primary-aged Relationships Education could be “used to stigmatise traditional marriage and promote to children alternative lifestyles against parents’ wishes”.

And while she did not directly address primary school education, the Prime Minister said, “we are pressing ahead with inclusive relationship and sex education in English schools, making sure that LGBT issues are taught well”.

She said the redefinition of marriage was part of the “long way we have come”.

‘Much to do’

Mrs May also repeated the Government’s position on transsexualism, saying it is seeking to ‘streamline and demedicalise’ the process.

“We’ve come a long way but there is much still to do, and the Government has a plan to deliver. We are committed to ensuring that we work that through, because LGBT history is all our history. LGBT success is everyone’s success, and LGBT rights are human rights”, she concluded.

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Last week, The Christian Institute’s Director Colin Hart, the Coalition for Marriage and a number of MPs and senior academics spoke out against the primary school plans.

Under current proposals, parents and guardians will not be allowed to take their children out of the lessons.

The critics called for the upcoming consultation on the issue to put “the rights of parents ahead of the power of the state”.

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