Plan to send gay film to every secondary school

Every secondary school in Britain is due to receive a controversial DVD from the homosexual campaign group Stonewall.

The interactive DVD contains a one hour 45 minute feature film, entitled FIT, which the campaign group claims will challenge homophobic bullying.

The production of FIT was partly funded by the Government’s Department for Children, Schools and Families.

FIT is an adaptation of Stonewall’s highly controversial ‘gay play’ of the same name which toured schools during 2008-9.

The play, which was targeted at school children aged 11 to 14, prompted protests from concerned parents who said that their children were too young to be exposed to its adult themes.

One mother said: “It has come to something when our schools are worried about first year pupils making their minds up about their sexuality”.

And a concerned father said: “Maybe I’m an old fashioned sort of bloke but I don’t want my boy seeing this. I could be wrong but I don’t think it’s normal to think about being gay at that age”.

Rikki Beadle-Blair, the writer and director of the production, has said: “When on tour I would ask the kids how many people thought homosexuality was wrong. In every single school the vast majority, about 80 per cent, would put their hands up.

“But kids would come up after the performance and say quite openly ‘I walked into this room homophobic and will leave it a changed person.'”

FIT is about a group of six teenagers taking hip-hop lessons in a south London College.

During the movie some of the characters ‘come out’ while others conceal their sexuality.

The DVD is due to be sent to schools next month.

Last year it was revealed that children as young as 14 had performed a gay version of Shakespeare’s famous love story, dubbed ‘Romeo and Julian’, at a school in London.

Earlier this month Nick Clegg, the leader of the Liberal Democrats, said that faith schools should be legally obliged to teach children that homosexuality is normal and harmless.

His comments came in an interview with a gay lifestyle magazine during which he also unveiled a series of proposals to advance “gay rights” in the UK.