Pink news site: should gay rights trump faith?

Christians are more likely to face censure for their views on sexual ethics than other groups, a journalist has written on a homosexual news website.

Mathew Hywel questions whether a homosexual man opposing gay marriage would face the same consequences as a Christian expressing similar views. He argues: “almost certainly not”.

In his article for homosexual news website, Pink News, Mr Hywel referred to the recent case of David Booker who was suspended by the charity he works for after casually discussing his Christian beliefs about sexual ethics with a colleague.

Mr Hywel wrote: “Many non-religious gay people still aren’t comfortable with gay marriage.

“Would the charity worker therefore be suspended if he was a gay man objecting to the ‘broad cause’ of pushing for same-sex marriage? Almost certainly not.”

Mr Hywel also cited the case of Christian registrar Lillian Ladele as an illustration of the fact that the rights of gay people and religious people have become “almost competing entities”.

Turning back to Mr Booker, he concluded: “Whatever the outcome of this case, it seems increasingly apparent that people have more of a right to be gay than to be religious.”

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