Peter Jensen supports Kirk congregation facing eviction

The Archbishop of Sydney, Dr Peter Jensen, has backed a Church of Scotland congregation which faces eviction because of its principled stand against gay clergy.

He has called for mediation to try and find a way for the congregation to continue using the facilities.

The members and leadership of St George’s Tron church in Glasgow had decided to cut ties with the Kirk over its failure to uphold biblical teaching.


The Kirk wants to seize the church’s building – even though the congregation largely funded a recent £3 million refurbishment.

In a letter to the press Dr Jensen said: “I write from afar with great sadness about the decision of the Glasgow Presbytery to deny the clergy and people of St George’s Tron an arrangement for the continued use of their buildings.

“As the general secretary of the Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans, I am all too aware that what we are seeing is part of a broader worldwide struggle.

Not alone

“Those who wish to stay true to the traditional and fundamental teachings of the Bible and the church are not only being forced to leave denominations because of their convictions, but are being denied the capacity to continue a ministry where they have always belonged. St George’s Tron is not alone.

“I realise the continued use of the building could be awkward. But I have worshipped at St George’s Tron and had the honour of preaching from the pulpit.

“It is a fine church with a wonderful testimony in the middle of the city and it is a shame that, however awkward the relationship, some way cannot be found to enable the congregation to continue to occupy its home for the time being. Is it too late for a mediation?”

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