Peers to vote on embryos Bill

The House of Lords will soon vote on the Government’s controversial Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill.

The Bill, which will be voted upon by Peers on 15 and 21 January, concerns the way in which human life is treated at its very earliest stages.

Several Peers have already raised significant moral objections to certain aspects of the Bill and have tabled amendments to improve it.

The Bill could allow the deliberate creation of compatible ‘saviour siblings’ for the sole purpose of producing ‘spare part’ organs for an existing child.

It also seeks to permit the creation of animal-human embryos for research and removes the requirement for doctors to consider a child’s need for a father before a woman undergoes IVF.

Once Peers have voted on the Bill it will begin its passage through the House of Commons.

For more information on the Bill, please click here.

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