Peer in bid to dismantle law on Christian assemblies

A Lib Dem Peer in the House of Lords has tabled an amendment to remove the requirement for Christian worship in schools.

Currently schools must have a daily act of collective worship. Collective worship must be “wholly or mainly of a broadly Christian character.”

Parents can withdraw their children and teachers are also permitted to opt out.


But now Lord Avebury, a Liberal Democrat peer, has tabled an amendment to end the requirement for collective worship at all schools apart from faith schools.

Earlier this year a secularist campaign group said that Christian assemblies should be banned because they breach children’s human rights.

The National Secular Society wrote to Education Secretary, Michael Gove, demanding that the law on Christian assemblies be abolished.


But a spokesman for the Department for Education said the law on Christian assemblies “encourages pupils to reflect on the concept of belief and the role it plays in the traditions and values of this country.”

The Church of England said: “To deny children the entitlement to take part in worship at school is to deny them a learning experience that is increasingly important in the modern world.”

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