Peer attacks “organised religion”, vows to continue gay rights push

Britain’s first openly homosexual Peer has celebrated the achievements of pro-LGBT campaigners under David Cameron and Tony Blair and called for more teaching of LGBT issues to children.

Writing for The Daily Telegraph, Lord Waheed Alli said he had worked with Tony Blair to lower the age of consent for homosexuals, repeal legislation that restricted the promotion of homosexuality, introduce civil partnerships and bring in gay adoption.

He then praised David Cameron for ‘taking up the baton’ and introducing same-sex marriage.

Sex education

The Peer went on to attack “organised religion” describing it as a “threat” to the homosexual agenda.

He said compulsory sex and relationships education should be required for all children – stripping away the right to a parental opt-out.

And he claimed that Britain has a responsibility to export the LGBT agenda to other Commonwealth nations.


Head of Communications at The Christian Institute Ciarán Kelly said: “Lord Alli’s comments make clear just where the next battleground on LGBT issues lie.

“Campaigners will try to enforce their ideology on children and other sovereign nation states.

“They will try very hard to revoke the parental right of withdrawal from sex education.”

Relationships Education

Later this year, the Government will consult on plans for ‘Relationships Education’, to be taught as a statutory subject in primary schools across England.

It will mean teaching young children about “different types of relationships”, which could include homosexuality, transsexualism and same-sex marriage.

Homosexual lobby group Stonewall has already said it will be pressing the Government to ensure LGBT issues are “reflected in updated guidance for schools”.

Stay informed

Humphrey Dobson, Deputy Director of The Christian Institute has spoken out against the plans.

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