Parents protesting LGBT lessons branded ‘extremists’ by MP

A Birmingham MP has branded parents ‘extremists’ for protesting against controversial LGBT lessons at a local primary school.

Parents have been protesting outside Anderton Park Primary School, saying children were “too young” to learn about LGBT relationships.

But head teacher Sarah Hewitt-Clarkson has dismissed their objections, accusing the parents of threatening the “fabric of British society”.

‘Bigoted extremists’

Concerned parents say that the school’s teaching undermines their own family values and religious beliefs.

Local MP Roger Godsiff agreed that four and five-year-old children were too young to be taught about LGBT issues.

But his Labour colleague Jess Phillips, MP for Birmingham Yardley, called them “a load of bigots”.

“They shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near the schools. These are people with a religious extremist agenda.”

‘Fabric of society’

Head teacher Hewitt-Clarkson called the protests “horrific” and “sinister”, and claimed that teaching about LGBT relationships “is the law”.

“It’s the fabric of British society at stake here”, she said.

Last month, a letter from Education Secretary Damian Hinds confirmed that the Government wants schools to teach young children about LGBT issues, but it was up to schools to “decide the way forward”.

Mr Hinds also stressed that schools should only teach LGBT content “if they consider it age appropriate”.

Mrs Hewitt-Clarkson said she will continue the lessons despite parents’ objections.

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