Parents oppose trans lessons for 4-year-olds

Parents have been told that kids as young as four will be given classes on transsexualism and encouraged to “explore” their sexuality, provoking a series of complaints.

Several parents have vowed to withdraw their children from a Church of England primary school in Hartfield, East Sussex, during an upcoming “transgender day”.

The Christian Institute has warned that children should not be targeted in order to “satisfy adult political agendas”.

British values

Children at St Mary the Virgin Primary School will attend classes designed to ’empower lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans young people’.

The school’s headteacher, Emma Maltby, said that the classes are part of meeting the Government’s requirement to teach children ‘British values’

From September 2014, all schools have been required to “actively promote” British values. The application of these new regulations has already had negative outcomes in a number of faith schools.

Political agendas

Emma Maltby said: “As part of the national curriculum, we spend time talking to the children about British values of tolerance, respect and celebrating differences.”

Spokesman for The Christian Institute Simon Calvert said: “Of course we want children to respect all people, but we don’t have to introduce very young children to every conceivable lifestyle in order to teach respect.”

He added: “We ought to be very, very careful indeed about introducing subjects to satisfy adult political agendas that have a confusing impact on children.”

Gender issues

Several parents have spoken out strongly against the move.

One mother, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “Kids need to be left alone when it comes to things like this, they just want to run around the playground not be told they need to ‘think differently’ about gender issues.”

Another parent said: “Some parents have announced their intention to keep their children from school on at least one day” because they “feel the welfare of their children is under threat”.

Safe space

The lessons will be based on material from a Brighton group called Allsorts Youth Project.

The group’s website states that it creates a “safe space for trans and gender questioning children” where they can “explore and be themselves”.

Allsorts also claims to offer kids the chance to meet “other trans/gender questioning children” and play “fun games”.

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