Parents celebrate triplets after rejecting abortions

A couple are set to celebrate their triplets’ first birthdays after refusing to abort two of the babies.

Liz and Timo Brewer were offered a ‘selective reduction’ to abort the twins she was carrying in order to keep the other child.

But the married couple, from Tunbridge Wells in Kent, decided to continue, with Liz saying: “I couldn’t give up”.


Now the family are preparing to celebrate their triplets’ first birthday in September.

Explaining what happened, Liz said that at five weeks she had a scan after concerns about an ectopic pregnancy.

She was told that she was carrying twins, but another scan two weeks later revealed she was pregnant with three children.


However, she was concerned she had lost the babies later in the pregnancy and there was a high likelihood of one of the babies having Down’s syndrome.

She said: “They offered me a selective reduction, to abort the twins and keep the baby that was at a high risk of Down’s.”

“They asked if we would be able to cope with three babies, but that’s not something that even crossed our minds.

Not give up

“I couldn’t give up. I was blessed with three babies”, she added.

The babies were born at 34 weeks and none had health issues.

Earlier this year a mother who refused an abortion, after being told her unborn child had a serious condition, spoke of her joy at her daughter’s life.


Michelle Cannon rejected an abortion for her daughter, Faith, who was diagnosed with a condition where fluid was crushing her lungs.

Michelle said: “There was no way we were going to give up on her.

“When doctors told us there was a chance they could save her life while still in the womb, it was a scary thought. But we knew that was her only hope of survival.”

The Christian Institute recently produced a series of personal stories on how people have been deeply affected by abortion, entitled Choose Life.

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