Parents call for right to withdraw their children from LGBT teaching

Parents who object to their children being taught LGBT issues in school are calling on the Government to make the teaching optional.

Politicians voted to make Relationships Education compulsory from September 2020, with no absolute right for parents to withdraw their child.

Parents group Our Children Our Faith Our Right (OCOFOR) demonstrated in Parliament Square on Saturday to voice their opposition to the plans and to ask for the right to withdraw their children from unsuitable teaching.

‘Normalising LGBTQ relationships’

Tom Akinola, a parent who attended the demonstration, said the proposed teaching “goes against our Christian faith”.

“It’s normalising LGBTQ relationships and it’s being enforced on faith groups”.

He continued: “It’s gone from being tolerant to now a forceful acceptance.”

The father of four added that it was important for Christians to speak out and let their views be known, saying: “In our silence the State assumes that we agree with certain things which go against our Christian faith.”


OCOFOR says it is working “to protect the rights of people of faith to peacefully live out their beliefs”.

In its petition to the Government, it notes that with the recent advancement of LGBT rights, it appears as though Christians are losing their freedoms.

It says: “Religious freedom is fast becoming marginalised with those of the Christian faith being especially set apart for public mockery and shaming.”

It adds that “it is important that parents, especially those who are devout in their religious beliefs be allowed to withdraw their children from such lessons”.

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