Palin calls on airline to reverse ‘offensive’ prayer cards decision

Former vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin has called on an American airline to reverse its decision to remove “offensive” prayer cards from in-flight meals.

For 30 years Alaska Airlines has placed a card with a quote from the Psalms on its meal trays. But it has decided to call a halt to the practice following some complaints.

Mrs Palin, also former Governor of Alaska, has written personally to the airline calling on management to reconsider the matter, accusing the company of buckling under pressure from “a handful of people”.


Since 2006, when the company stopped offering meals to customers in the main cabin, the cards have only appeared on meal trays in first class.

Mrs Palin said: “Why in this day and age must every reference to faith in God be censored from the public square?

“Why must a private company buckle under pressure from a handful of people who find a little card saying ‘the Lord is my shepherd’ offensive?”


In an email sent to its frequent flyers the airline’s chief executive Bill Ayer and president Brad Tilden said: “Religious beliefs are deeply personal and sharing them with others is an individual choice”.

They added: “It is important that everyone know that this decision does not change our core values nor our care for our customers.”

The statement also said some of its customers enjoyed the cards but others were offended by them.

Meal trays are due to appear without the cards from 1 February 2012.

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