Pagan who denies polygamy wins immigration case

A pagan woman who lives with her lover and his wife, but denies it is a polygamous arrangement, has won a ‘right to family life’ immigration case.

Emily DiSanto’s legal victory means she can stay in the UK. The Government disagrees with the ruling and has vowed to overhaul the rules on immigration.

Miss DiSanto was originally refused permission to remain in the UK because the UK does not recognise polygamy, or arrangements that are essentially the same thing.


However, the polygamy argument was later dropped from the immigration case, according to The Sunday Telegraph.

The married pair claim they are not permitted to divorce under their pagan beliefs. The man, his wife and his lover live together in one home.

Both women have had children with the man, and the court ruled that Miss DiSanto should be allowed to stay for the sake of the children.


The UK Government disagrees with the ruling and it criticised the use of the Article of the European Convention on Human Rights which was behind the decision.

A Home Office spokesman said: “We are disappointed by the court’s decision in this case.

“For too long Article 8 has been used to place the family rights of immigration offenders above the rights of the British public.

“This is why we will change the immigration rules to reinforce the public interest in seeing those who have breached our immigration laws removed from this country.”