Over 2,000 abortions for each baby that’s adopted

Thousands of pregnancies are being aborted for every adopted baby in the UK, a leading pro-lifer has warned.

Dr Peter Saunders, writing on his Christian Medical Comment blog, warns that 203,444 abortions were performed on UK residents in 2009.

However, in stark contrast just 91 babies under the age of one were adopted during the same year.


These figures mean that for every baby adopted in 2009 2,235 terminations were performed, a figure almost seven times worse than that in the United States.

The comments are likely to reignite concern about the nation’s abortion rate, and increase calls for more to be done to promote adoption.

Last month the Government’s new adoption tzar said that women with unwanted pregnancies should be offered adoption alongside abortion and keeping the child.


Earlier this year new statistics revealed that the number of abortions in England and Wales had risen by eight per cent over the past decade.

The figures from the Department of Health also revealed that the number of babies aborted because of a disability had leapt by nearly ten per cent in just one year.

Last year 189,574 abortions were carried out on women residing in England and Wales. In 2000 175,542 terminations were recorded – more than 14,000 fewer.

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