Ousted: Christian councillor gets boot over gay marriage

A Green councillor who defied her party’s support for redefining marriage has been expelled from her local Green Group of Councillors.

Christina Summers was officially booted out of the Green Group on Brighton and Hove City Council at a meeting behind closed doors on Monday night.

But she says she will appeal, supported by the Christian Legal Centre.


Earlier this year Cllr Summers refused to toe the party line on same-sex marriage saying that she was “accountable to God above any political party”.

Following Cllr Summers’ vote against lobbying the Government over the issue, she was subjected to a disciplinary inquiry which recommended she be expelled.

After learning of the recommendation last week Cllr Summers branded the decision as a “typical symptom of prejudice, blatant prejudice”.

Earlier this week Rob Shepherd, speaking on behalf of Brighton and Hove Green Party, confirmed Cllr Summers’ removal.


Mr Shepherd said: “A majority of Green Councillors confirmed the removal of Councillor Summers from the Green Group of Councillors and so from today she will sit as an independent councillor, though she will remain a member of Brighton and Hove Green Party.”

The disciplinary panel made its controversial recommendation last Monday.

A statement from the Party insisted that the inquiry had not been about Cllr Summers’ religious views or her right to voice her beliefs. It said it was about whether she had breached her undertakings as a candidate.

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