Orlando clinic offers $50 discount for Sunday abortions

An abortion clinic in Orlando has caused outrage by offering discount coupons, including a $50 reduction for women having abortions on a Sunday.

The Orlando Women’s Center was shut down recently amidst controversy but it has now re-opened its doors offering cut-price abortions and a 24/7 advice service.

The clinic is run by Dr. James Pendergraft, a physician who has had his licence revoked five times, according to WFTV.


The most recent case came after Dr Pendergraft performed an abortion on a woman in her third trimester, according to the station.

The website brazenly advertises its discount coupons which include offers such as “$198 off procedures 3 to 12 weeks” and “up to 50% off for 13 to 24 weeks”.

Last year a fertility clinic in Kent gave couples the chance to win money off IVF treatment.


Former Home Office minister Ann Widdecombe criticised the move saying it “trivialises” infertility.

She said: “The idea it can be offered as a prize as if it were a cake at a WI stall is just appalling.”

In 2011 Britain’s first IVF lottery was set to launch giving players the chance to win a baby, but critics branded the contest as ‘exploitative’.


The controversial lottery, which was granted a licence by the Gambling Commission, saw players spending £20 on each ticket.

In 2010 a proposal by the UK’s fertility regulator to pay women up to £800 for donating their eggs to fertility clinics was criticised for neglecting the risks associated with donation.

In the same year a British IVF centre raffled a human egg in a move labelled as “deplorable” by a pro-life expert.

The Bridge Centre in London was promoting a new service which allowed recipients to choose an IVF egg based on the egg donor’s race and intellect.

The raffle was slammed as “something Hitler could only have dreamt of”.

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