One billion abortions in the last 100 years

Since abortion was first legalised in the former Soviet Union in 1920, there have been over one billion babies killed worldwide.

The appalling figure was presented in a new report by the Global Life Campaign (GLC). The report’s authors called it “the Greatest Genocide in history”.

The report is the first to systematically track reported abortions on a global scale from as early as 1920.

‘Deliberate slaughter’

Data was collated from over 100 nations, territories and regions where abortion figures are available, up to 2015.

The report’s authors, Thomas Jacobson and Dr Robert Johnston, said that the deaths represented “the greatest deliberate slaughter of human beings in history, far exceeding all wars”.

the Greatest Genocide in history

Abortion Worldwide Report

The overall figure is equal to approximately 22 per cent of the current population of those countries.

Exponential increase

The report also found that once a government authorises abortion, it does not become rare, but instead increases exponentially.

It states that “current worldwide reported abortions are about 12.5 million per year”.

Charles Donovan, President of the Charlotte Lozier Institute – a pro-life bioethics research organisation – spoke at the launch of the report in January.

He attempted to quantify and stress the absence of unborn people, by discussing the contributions they might have made to the world. He also lamented the existence of policies to destroy unborn girls.

Choose life

Jacobson and Johnston urged individuals to be advocates for unborn children and the sanctity of life from conception.

They wrote that this includes “influencing and lobbying your civil government officials and legislators, in a respectful, honouring and lawful manner”.

They also stressed that: “Choosing life requires addressing physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of women”.

Real Life

Watch as people share their moving real life accounts of the trauma of abortion and their joy of choosing life with The Christian Institute.

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