On This Day: 25 Years of Christian Influence

Today marks 25 years of The Christian Institute, and our Annual Review takes a look at some of the ways we’ve worked to be a Christian influence over those years.

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Covering major cases, key facts and the story of how a broken leg led to the formation of the Institute, the Annual Review highlights the breadth of our work.

More than that, it demonstrates the centrality of our faith in Jesus Christ to all our work.

Not glamorous

Director Colin Hart tells his story of how he set up the work.

After becoming a maths teacher he was at a national mathematics conference at Cambridge, when his plans abruptly changed.

He explained: “It wasn’t a particularly glamorous moment. Nor was it enjoyable. One evening, as I was walking down the college corridors, I slipped and broke my leg.”


A long period of recuperation followed during which Colin read a biography of William Wilberforce, the Christian MP who tirelessly fought to end slavery in the late 18th and early 19th centuries.

… it is remarkable to see how God has provided for the Institute

Colin Hart

“The book was inspiring. I was captivated by the thought of believers doing great good in politics”, he said.

A number of years later Colin met John Burn, and in 1988 they presented a paper to a small group of Christians about the need for believers to live out their faith in all areas of life.

Give thanks

After an unexpected £20,000 donation, Colin left his job as a teacher and began campaigning on Christian teaching in schools out of a spare bedroom. The Christian Institute was founded in 1991.

He writes: “Looking back, it is remarkable to see how God has provided for the Institute.

“As this Annual Review shows, there have certainly been many challenges. Yet, in every circumstance, all our needs have been met.

“I continue to give thanks to God for all that he has done.”

The Annual Review concludes with Psalm 107:1: “Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever.”