Ohio Governor vetoes ‘Heartbeat Bill’

Family groups have slammed a decision by Ohio Governor John Kasich to block the pro-life ‘Heartbeat Bill’.

Passed last week, the Bill would have banned a doctor from carrying out an abortion after a baby’s heartbeat can be detected – from about six weeks into pregnancy.

Kasich claimed it was in the “public interest” to veto the Bill but pro-life groups insist he does not “speak for the pro-life people of Ohio”.


Ohio’s Governor argued the Bill would likely have faced a costly legal battle.

But Molly Smith, president of Cleveland Right to Life, criticised his decision as “absolutely outrageous”.

And the President of pro-life group Faith2Action, Janet Porter, promised to keep fighting for the Bill to be passed.

“It’s not over. We are two votes away from overriding Gov. Kasich’s betrayal of life”, she said.

20-week ban

The Governor did sign a separate Bill which bans abortions from taking place after 20 weeks of pregnancy, except in cases when the mother’s life is at risk.

Senate Bill 127 means that any doctor who carries out an abortion after 20 weeks could have their medical licence removed and also face up to 18 months in prison.

It was passed in both the Ohio House of Representatives, by 64 votes to 29, and the Senate, by 23 votes to 8.

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