Ocado stocks blasphemous product

Online supermarket Ocado is stocking a product which uses gratuitously offensive language about Jesus Christ.

The Christian Institute raised concerns after a supporter complained about “Christ on a Bike” beef jerky.

But Ocado, the world’s largest dedicated online grocery retailer, has failed to respond to the Institute. However, the company did tell another Institute supporter: “As an online retailer, we stock products from a variety of brands, and we will continue to sell these products for those who wish to purchase them.”

Only supermarket

The spicy beef jerky – dried strips of meat – is one of three items Ocado sells from the Billy Franks company.

The suppliers’ own website features other offensively-titled products – using both sexual and religiously abusive language.

No other major supermarket stocks the product.


The Christian Institute contacted Ocado’s press office for a comment, but it has so far not responded.

Ciarán Kelly, Deputy Director at the Institute, said it was disappointing that Ocado was giving the product such a platform.

“Ocado says it has over half a million active customers, and I’m sure many of them would see this product as pretty despicable.


“Jesus Christ is the very heart of the Christian faith – He is the Son of God and the only perfect human being to have ever lived.

“Using his name in such a blasphemous, throw-away fashion is hurtful and saddening.

“We invite Ocado to think again about lending their brand to something so gratuitously offensive.”

Listened to feedback

Last year a card which made light of adultery was pulled from Tesco’s shelves after complaints from shoppers.

The birthday card had the words: “Time for a sports car and an affair” on its front cover.

The card drew criticism from Twitter users including Lesley Smith, who said: “Disappointed to see messages like this on cards @Tesco. Words are powerful”.

But Tesco told The Christian Institute it had listened to feedback and would remove the card from its range.

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