‘Obama only backed gay marriage for the money’

President Obama switched to support gay marriage because he was under pressure from large financial donors, media reports say.

Observers say the move may be a vote-loser in key US states, but it’s a money-spinner with Hollywood celebrities.

The Washington Post analysed the President’s campaign finances and found that one in six of his top ‘bundler’ fundraisers is gay.


Several days before he announced his switch, the Hollywood Reporter said the President risked losing money from west coast film and TV stars because of his silence on gay marriage.

“What was the gay marriage endorsement really all about?” asked Daily Telegraph blogger Tim Stanley, “…follow the money.”

Following the President’s announcement, film actor George Clooney hosted a glitzy fundraiser that netted Obama’s campaign close to $15 million.


Tim Stanley said: “That’s what Barack Obama’s endorsement of gay marriage was all about – not history, not equality, but prising open George Clooney’s wallet.”

Adding: “He put himself in opposition to the 61 percent of North Carolina’s voters who oppose gay marriage, half the nation that tells pollsters they agree with them, the Roman Catholic Church, and a few thousand years of human history.”


In Britain, David Cameron has been accused of backing gay marriage merely for political reasons.

But he has suffered a backlash with the issue proving to be a vote-loser. His own backbenchers want him to dump the unpopular plans to redefine marriage.