Obama drops in polls after backing gay marriage

US President Barack Obama has lost his lead in the polls after announcing his support for gay marriage.

A poll for the New York Times and CBS News shows that support for the President has dropped amongst registered voters from 48 to 43 per cent.

It is the first important poll since the President made his controversial announcement supporting a redefinition of marriage.


The poll also shows that support for his opponent Mitt Romney has climbed from 42 to 46 per cent.

Romney favours keeping marriage between one man and one woman.

Presidential elections are scheduled to take place in the US later this year on 6 November.


In the poll, more than half the people said the President’s support for gay marriage would not affect their vote.

But 26 per cent said they were less likely to vote for the President.

Only 16 per cent were more likely to back him. In a tight race, that could prove to be crucial.