NZ uni student assignment: ‘Challenge trans ideology and you will be failed’

An essay question that warned students against criticising radical transgender ideology was “worded inappropriately”, a New Zealand university has admitted.

Sociology students at the University of Auckland were told that essays on “transgender theory” written from a ‘gender critical’ position “will be failed”.

But following an internal review, the University accepted the question was not in keeping with its commitment to free speech.


The original question, one of 14 options presented to students for internal assessment, stated: “What is transgender theory? Why does transgender theory matter?”

This isn’t education. It’s indoctrination.

It continued: “Essays that take a ‘gender critical’ position on transgender or question the validity of trans identities will be failed.”

Co-founder of Save Women’s Sport Australasia, Rosey McVay, tweeted in response: “Take a gender critical view at @AucklandUni and you will be failed. No discussion. No debate.

“This isn’t education. It’s indoctrination.”


Replying to an enquiry by New Zealand Free Speech Union, the University admitted the wording of the question was “inconsistent” with its ‘commitment to academic freedom’.

It added: “However, we note that while there is academic freedom to hold different views, the University does have a zero tolerance for discrimination which includes zero tolerance for transphobia”.

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