Number of kids seeking a sex change rises by 50% in a year

The number of children wanting a sex change in 2012 saw an increase of 50 per cent compared to the previous year, according to The Times newspaper.

This comes as the Royal College of Psychiatrists urged services to work better so that children can have the operation quickly when they turn 18.

It came in guidelines for treating adults who are seeking a sex change.


Figures reported in The Times show that last year 208 children were referred to specialist clinics, up from 139 in the previous year.

But research shows that a high number of people who undergo sex change surgery go on to commit suicide.

Professor Chris Hyde, a medical professor from the University of Exeter, said that though his findings were from a decade ago it is “likely” the same issues remain today.


He said: “While no doubt great care is taken to ensure that appropriate patients undergo gender reassignment, there’s still a large number of people who have the surgery but remain traumatised – often to the point of committing suicide.”

Some suggest the transsexual suicide rate is as high as 31 per cent.

And it was reported last year that Britain’s youngest sex swap patient decided to revert back to living as a man having taken hormone injections to make him look like a woman.

The 18-year-old was scheduled to go through with a sex change at the beginning of this year.


Professor Kevan Wylie, who led the development of the new guidelines, said there has been a “seismic shift in attitudes” towards sex change therapy.

He said: “Among adolescents there are an increasing number of referrals because the internet and social media mean people are aware of and understand their symptoms and are then looking for help.”

He said most clinics are increasingly seeing young people, and the issue is “more prevalent than people perceive it to be”.


Prof Wylie said there is “quite a lot of evidence that people do well if they transition early because they can get on with their life.

Earlier this month, press in Belgium reported on a woman who ended her life after her sex change did not meet expectations.

Nancy Verhelst, known as Nathan, was euthanised under the grounds of “unbearable psychological suffering”.

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