Norfolk Police issues radical LGBT guide to staff on 37 ‘gender and sexual identities’

Norfolk Constabulary has been criticised for issuing a guide on radical gender ideology to its staff to inform their contact with the public.

The guide, ‘The + in LGBT’, lists 37 terms on gender identity and sexual orientation and features the discredited ‘Genderbread Person’ diagram, which claims gender identity and biological sex are on a spectrum.

The force declined to comment on whether it had created the guide or obtained it from elsewhere.

Genderbread person

Former Shadow Home Secretary Ann Widdecombe said: “This is absolute madness and a complete waste of rate-payers’ money.

“Even if the force didn’t produce the guide itself, it has still cost time and money to make it available to staff.”

The guide includes terms such as “grey asexual”, where attraction is experienced “rarely, on a very low scale”, and “neutrois”, where a person identifies as “neither male, female nor genderless”. It was obtained by The Mail on Sunday via a Freedom of Information request.

neutrois: where a person identifies as neither male, female nor genderless

Staff who were confused by the definitions were referred to the ‘Genderbread Person’ diagram.


Earlier this year, one of the UK’s leading universities encouraged staff to create a culture where ‘neopronouns’ based on emojis and people self-identifying as cats are accepted as normal.

‘Using Pronouns at Work Guidance’ issued by the University of Bristol also warned that the “repeated and deliberate” use of the incorrect pronoun for staff who believe themselves to be transgender or non-binary could result in disciplinary action.

The document recommends staff consult resources produced by transgender activists including the controversial lobby group Stonewall.

In 2019, it emerged the BBC had produced a resource for children aged nine to twelve claiming there are over 100 ‘gender identities’. The resource was removed in 2021 following an outcry from parents.

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