No room for mum and dad in Ofsted families

The guidance behind schools’ regulator Ofsted’s ‘inappropriate’ questioning of ten-year-olds about lesbians has been revealed.

The Daily Mail reported that inspectors are briefed to ask pupils as young as four about homosexuality, transsexualism and same-sex parents.

Inspectors are instructed to ask pupils about different types of families including having “two mums or two dads” but there is no reference to families with both a mum and a dad.

Intrusive’ questioning

Last week the head of Ofsted, Sir Michael Wilshaw, denied that pupils have been questioned about ‘inappropriate’ topics.

He was asked about complaints of ‘intrusive’ questioning of pupils at Grindon Hall Christian School in Sunderland and The Durham Free School, whilst giving evidence to the Education Select Committee.

Parents of children at Grindon Hall school objected to questions asked by inspectors, including if they knew what lesbians “did” and if their friends felt trapped in the “wrong body”.


The Ofsted document, designed to measure how effectively bullying is being tackled, focuses on ‘homophobia’ and ‘transphobia’ and is the only guidance of its kind relating to “prejudice-based bullying”.

Pupils could be quizzed on their knowledge of “different types of families”, including having two mums or two dads.

As early as January 2012, the schools’ regulator instructed inspectors to investigate whether primary-aged pupils “ever hear anyone use the word ‘gay’ when describing a thing”.


Subsequent versions of the guidance recommend asking pupils a wide range of questions on homosexuality and transsexualism.

Primary-aged children can be asked “if there is someone born a girl who would rather be a boy, or born a boy who would like to be a girl” and whether those individuals would feel “safe” at school.

Simon Calvert, spokesman for The Christian Institute, said: “It does look like Ofsted inspectors continue to be influenced by this guidance.


“Sir Michael Wilshaw needs to take responsibility for the actions of his inspectors. He also has to take responsibility for the fact that guidance has been issued that has created a culture within Ofsted where inspectors think it’s appropriate to talk to young children in these ways.”

A statement on homosexual lobby group Stonewall’s website urges schools to subscribe to its materials because: “Stonewall has trained Ofsted’s lead inspectors and advised the Government on the Equality Act”.

The website claims that the group is “perfectly placed” to help schools to “celebrate different families” because “Stonewall has worked with Ofsted and other government agencies to create these legal requirements”.

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