Nick Clegg hoists rainbow flag over Whitehall

A homosexual flag is flying over Whitehall for the first time ever, after the Deputy Prime Minister personally requested it.

Nick Clegg succeeded in getting the flag to fly in the run up to World Pride 2012, hosted in London this weekend.

The move comes after comments by Mr Clegg that he personally wants Government plans on same-sex marriages to go much further by allowing gay weddings in churches.


Whitehall is the centre of Government in the UK.

The Deputy Prime Minister said: “I’m absolutely delighted that, with a little bit of persuasion and determination, we’ve been able to fly the rainbow flag for this weekend’s festivities.

“I hope this is the start of a new era of pride across the historic Whitehall village.”


Last year Liverpool became the first city in the UK to carry a homosexual rainbow emblem on some of its street signs.

And in November it emerged that a 17th century Oxford University college had flown the homosexual rainbow flag for the first time – in honour of an event called “Queerweek”.

In 2009 Polish officials said the then British ambassador had over-stepped his authority by backing a march planned by homosexual groups.

The ambassador of the time, Ric Todd, had previously been criticised for hoisting the rainbow flag next to the Union flag in front of the British embassy.