New York introduces radical trans guidance for schools

New York City is set to introduce radical new transgender guidance for public schools which would be among the most liberal in the US.

From the start of the 2019-20 school year, students at state-funded schools can change their name and sex on school records without legal documentation.

They will also be able to attend PE lessons with the sex which matches their chosen ‘gender identity’.

All genders’

Under the change, health education classes, including those dealing with puberty or sex, can no longer be split up for boys and girls.

The guidance also states that these lessons “must be inclusive and affirming to all genders, gender identities, and sexual orientations, and use gender-inclusive language throughout”.

There will also be a requirement on schools to rewrite their dress codes to make sure they are “free of gender stereotypes and must be written, enforced, and applied equally to all students regardless of gender”.

Parental responsibilities

The Family Research Council criticised the guidance, saying: “All in all, it adds up to one of the most shocking roll-outs of transgender ideology in any school district nationwide.”

When similar guidance was rolled out in Arlington, Virginia, parent and family campaigner Kristen Allen warned: “Only parents can demand accountability from school systems and set boundaries around their children. We can’t walk away.”

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