New fund launched to help pregnant students in Scotland

A new pro-life initiative has been launched to help pregnant students in Scotland continue pursuing their academic or personal goals.

The Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC) started the Alma Mater Fund (AMF) after hearing about the pressure women face to either have an abortion or drop out of university if they become pregnant.

The fund will provide support grants, and a coordinator will also direct expectant mothers towards additional support from either their university, the Government or other organisations.


Project Manager of the AMF Margaret Akers said: “So often, young women feel they must choose between their studies and continuing a pregnancy. They are told they are incapable of doing both.”

“We believe and know that pregnancy doesn’t have to mean the end of an academic journey. With the right support, a woman can achieve the best for herself and her child.”

She added that the AMF hopes to empower young women and show them it is possible to both study and become a mother.


Sarah Thompson Robertson, who became pregnant during her third year of study at the University of Strathclyde, said she supported the new fund.

“I myself experienced first-hand the challenges and rewards of being pregnant and having a child whilst at university, after finding out I was pregnant in 2015.

“Many people asked me if I would drop out of university. I didn’t. I went on to face the challenges that any young student with a child would.

“My main delight is that the Alma Mater Fund encourages and helps young women to be resilient to the challenges that come with being a mother and a student.”

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