New Election Briefing launched by Institute

The Christian Institute’s highly anticipated Election Briefing 2010 has been launched today.

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  • The briefing provides an in-depth exploration of the policies of the main political parties, and will help voters reach an informed decision on how to cast their vote.

    The briefing also contains a set of six key questions for parliamentary candidates about free speech, abortion, smacking, euthanasia, marginalisation of Christians, and protecting marriage and the family.


    Colin Hart, the Director of The Christian Institute, said: “People can only cast an informed vote if they know what the parties and the candidates stand for.

    “Our Election Briefing makes it easier for Christians to understand the policies of parties and our QuestionCard prompts Christians to ask individual candidates about their position on key moral issues.”

    The Christian Institute believes that there are three touchstone issues for Christians in 2010: religious liberty, support for marriage, and protection of the unborn and vulnerable elderly people.


    The Christian Institute’s website also has a database of the voting record for all MPs on a variety of moral issues.

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  • The Election Briefing 2010 emphasises that religious liberty has come under threat as Christians have become increasingly marginalised. Those working in the public sector come under particular pressure to suppress their beliefs.


    The briefing claims that the downgrading of marriage is not just one issue among many, but foundational to the UK’s deepest social problems. It systematically analyses the parties’ records and policies on marriage.

    It also pays particular attention to policies on assisted suicide, euthanasia and abortion. Colin Hart says: “The unborn, the old and frail, the disabled and those diagnosed with a degenerative illness are made in God’s image and worthy of protection and respect.”

    The Election Briefing highlights the policies of Labour, the Conservatives, the Liberal Democrats, the SNP, Plaid Cymru, UKIP, the Greens, the Christian Peoples Alliance and the Christian Party.

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