‘Nanny state gone mad’: Paper slams named person plans

Plans to assign a state-appointed named person to all Scottish children are “ill-conceived” and “should have been binned a long time ago”, the Press and Journal newspaper has said.

Referring to growing criticism of the plans, the Aberdeen-based paper said: “A strong challenge being mounted by opponents deserves widespread support.”

Family groups, including The Christian Institute, Christian Action Research and Education (CARE) and the Scottish Parent Teacher Council, are involved in a campaign against the Named Person scheme – NO2NP.


The Press and Journal reported The Christian Institute’s Colin Hart describing the plans as a “Big Brother invasion”.

In an editorial, the paper noted: “Of course we should protect children at risk, but state apparatus exists already to detect this.”

Describing the plans as “one of those ill-conceived and flawed ideas which should have been binned a long time ago”, it commented that to many, “it is the nanny state gone mad”.


“The state-guardian plan has crossed a line into territory where many law-abiding decent families could face unnecessary interference from the state”, it added.

The NO2NP campaign was launched at a conference in Edinburgh on Monday.

Despite the controversial legislation not being due to come into force until 2016, one family has already been told that their child’s private medical reports would be shared with their named person.

James and Rhianwen McIntosh were sent a letter by NHS Forth Valley in which a paediatric consultant wrote: “We are now required to inform the named person for your child if your child fails to attend an appointment.” The letter also said: “In addition we may also send them copies of future relevant reports.”


Colin Hart, Director of The Christian Institute said: “The state seems intent on usurping the role of parents and reducing them to helpless spectators in the lives of their children.

“Mums and dads should be very afraid of this kind of Big Brother invasion into their lives and their homes.”

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