‘Named Persons should help children change sex against parental wishes’, councils say

Named Persons should be able to help children legally change gender if their parents object, councils have suggested.

The Scottish Government is consulting on how to make it easier for transgender people to ‘change sex’, and has proposed allowing people to ‘self-declare’ their gender.

It also wants to lower the age at which people can do so to just 16.

Overriding parental wishes

Ministers sought opinions on a range of issues, including ‘options’ for those under 16 years old.

In response, four local councils suggested that the controversial Named Person scheme could be used to override parental wishes in cases where a child wants to ‘change sex’ but parents object.

The Named Person would be able to step in to “provide consent” on the child’s behalf, and to assist and support them in their attempts to legally change gender via the courts.


Critics have hit out at the plans, saying youngsters should not be allowed to make life-changing decisions at such a young age.

A spokesman for Campaign group NO2NP said: “It is preposterous to suggest the detested Named Person scheme be used to ride roughshod over the views of mums and dads.

“To suggest that a Named Person knows better than a child’s parents what’s best for them is an insult to every parent – and child – in the country.”

LGBT Youth Scotland

The Christian Institute recently objected to the contents of new guidance for teachers entitled ‘Supporting Transgender Young People: Guidance for Schools in Scotland’.

Produced by LGBT Youth Scotland and funded by the Scottish Government, the guidance says teachers should not tell parents if their child changes gender in school unless the child, who could be as young as four-years-old, gives permission.

At the same time, school staff are advised to inform local authorities of parents who ‘struggle’ with their child’s transgender identity in the guidelines.

The document also says parents should not be told if their children have to share overnight accommodation with transgender pupils.